How I Grew My Solar Company From $0 to $25 Million in One Year by Using the Digital Door Knocking Method... And How You Can Too!
  •  How to drive loads of traffic to your offer using Facebook Ads
  •  How to convert your traffic to leads using Funnels that are optimized to obtain customer information
  •  How to set this up to generate new customers on auto-pilot so that you can focus on running your business
Chris Lee
Owner and Co-Founder of Solgen Power
I grew my Solar Company from $0 to $25 Million in revenue, in less than a year with the EXACT methods I'll teach you in this FREE Training.
My journey started in the door-to-door sales industry. It was grueling work. In attempts to break free from it, I decided to start my own business... and I failed. Miserably. This resulted in me filing for bankruptcy, and losing everything. That was 8 years ago.

 I then spent the next 5 years back in the streets, doing door-to-door sales again. This time it was much more difficult. But I knew what I was working toward. I was eventually going to find a better way.

Then, after years and years of door-to-door sales, I found a better way. Reaching people where they spent most of their time... social media. Using a method of Online Marketing called "The CEA Method," I founded and built a Solar Company to over $25 million in revenue in just under 12 months. I finally found REAL success. And using this technique, we're on pace to hit $100 Million in revenue this year.

But I'm no guru. I run a solar company, Solgen Power, day-in and day-out. But I do hope that you have the opportunity to see success the way that I have. And this is entirely possible for you and your business. I want to show business owners a better way. A way to run your company and not worry about where your next customer is coming from. That is my mission because I want success for you.

I put together this free training, that shows you behind the scenes of my exact methodology for my entire online presence... including the use of digital marketing, that you can apply to your business RIGHT NOW and start seeing life-changing results!

But only you can take this step. I can't force you to want abundance and freedom in your business. You have to decide: Change the course of your business forever... or stand on the sideline and be a slave to your business.

I hope to see you in the free training.
- The QB
Rob Kosberg
Author of Publish. Promote. Profit.
Dan Caldwell
Co-Founder & President of Tapout
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8-Figure E-commerce Expert
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